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“That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.” HPL

Since this has been dormant for so long, I’ve decided to share my overarching vision for the campain…

Chronicle One: The Awakening
Chronicle Two:
Chronicle Three:
Chronicle Four:
Chronicle Five:
Chronicle Six:
Chronicle Seven: A Greater Darkness

Overview: A clandestine league seeks to restore balance to the world by reversing the vampiric curse and restoring lost Atlantis. This league is led by the VII (The Seven) which is comprised of a Tremere (Gideon & Abram), two Malkavian (Faustus & Donato), a Caitiff (Merle), two Mages (Abbett & Blake) and a Mortal called ‘The Architect’.
The VII have been seeking a way to rid the kindred of the curse of Caine and return lost Atlantis to the world. They think both of these events are tied together. The VII learned that a group of Caitiff (now calling themselves the ‘Gododdin’) are the figures from Arthurian legend, cursed with unlife in order to protect the Grail until the End Times. They are in possession of the Grail. The VII think the Grail is the key to removing the curse and restoring the path to Atlantis.
The Tremere think they have found a ritual that will remove their curse but they need the Grail as well as an enormous kindred blood sacrifice. The Tremere and the Mages are working with the Arcanum (led by The Architect) to create a pathogen that will spread among the kindred like a wildfire to achieve the blood sacrifice for their ritual. (The key to the pathogen was found with an infected mortal BioTech Engineer who was recently embraced.) The Mages will focus the released energy into the Grail and re-open the path to Atlantis. The Architect has insinuated himself into the military at Barren Sands as a scientist. The Architect has given them valuable information in their quest to fight the ‘nocturnal menace’ of Kindred and Lupine that haunt the night. The military have Operation Augry underway and it revolves around an abducted Lupine that has been turned into a soldier through a volatile mix of implants, mind control drugs and vampiric blood bonding. Operation Effigy revolves around experimentation with vampires and has spawned Project Wormwood. The military is unaware of The Architects ulterior motives but they think he is there as a scientist working to take the results from Operation Augry and Effigy over to Operation Boundless, a super-solider program. The Architect is willing to give the military whatever they need to achieve their goals for two reasons. One, it doesn’t interfere with his goals. Two, these operations only add a level of security to his research…he only has to steer them away from any objectives that concern the VII. The Architect has been around for over a century and has restored his youth via a form a ghouling he has perfected through exposing kindred blood to an electric phase-transformation field. The Architect is none other than Nicola Tesla.

Gehenna: The VII should ultimately be successful in unleashing Wormwood in the ritual, thus removing the Vampiric curse and opening the Path to Atlantis. Wormwood spreads like wildfire killing all vampires up until the point that the Mages focus the released energy into the Grail, at which time Wormwood is burned out. The way to Atlantis is now open but it is unstable and many Mages choose to cross over fearing destruction if they remain in this world. In the aftermath, the path to Atlantis collapses and all traces of the supernatural are cleansed from the world. Vampires fall into Torpor and reawaken as mortal, Lupines no longer change, Mages that chose not to flee to Atlantis find their link to the supernal realms severed, Fae just disappear, etc…

However, everyone failed to forsee the consequences of these actions in completely removing the touch of the supernal realms from the mortal world only to have it replaced with the touch of the Abyss. VII and Wormwood were successful…but at what cost?

Something outside space and time stirs in the Abyss. A greater darkness is approaching…

*As you can probably tell from the overview above, I have mixed elements of VtR into the VtM. There are elements of VtR that I liked but the foundation is VtM.

**The objective of this campaign was to take the WoD mythology, burn it to the ground, and transform it into something new. Maybe the vampires weren’t cured permanently…only transformed into something else by the touch of the Abyss. The thematic elements of Christianity are replaced with those of the Cthulhu mythos. Good idea? Not sure…but it was intriguing enough for me to put some thought into it. With V5 coming soon, I’m excited to see where the direction of VtM goes. Maybe this campaign will get revisited. Maybe the greater darkness that is approaching will be found in the tome that will be delivered in 2018…

  • I had created a large 18×24 graphic that showed all the groups in play in the campaign with lines and dotted lines drawn between groups to show allegiances and oppositions between them. It ended up looking like a some kind of schematic for a ritual circle…but alas I threw it away. The only evidence I still have is in a drawing I did. When I created the schematic, I was pressing really hard on the drawing pad and the imprint was still on the page beneath which I ended up sketching a raven on in charcoal…



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